ANZAC Day Picture Bingo

ANZAC Day Picture Bingo

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Tracy 13th Feb 2023 Lifestyle Therapist Team Leader
Anzac day picture Bingo is not completed ? or am i doing something wrong.
Talita 14th Feb 2023
Hi Tracy! This bingo game that Joanne shared with us can accommodate up to 13 players. The calling cards follow the 13 bingo sheets. Let me know if you have any questions.
Carol 25th Apr 2019 Diversional Therapist
These were such awesome activities, my residents really enjoyed these, followed by Two Up Dice Game, then finished off with the anzac day song quiz. The afternoon was a complete success with these 3 activities, thank you.
Talita 29th Apr 2019
So lovely to hear, thanks Carol!
Joanne 29th Apr 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
Thanks, glad that you like the ANZAC Bingo. If I do something that works for my residents, I will always share the ideas.
simonne 15th Apr 2019 Support worker
How fab! thank you so much.. these picture bingos are excellent!

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