Baby Boomers Nostalgia Quiz - 1950s

Baby Boomers Nostalgia Quiz - 1950s

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Remembering the 1950s quiz!
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Baby Boomers Nostalgia Quiz - 1950s

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1. What was the name of Lucy's neighbour and friend in 'I Love Lucy'? Answer
2. Queen Elizabeth II - who was her father? Answer
3. The phrase 'going ape' was popular in the 150's. What does it mean? Answer
4. Name the scientist won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952 Answer
5. Name the famous movie director who hosted a popular TV series featuring dramas, thrillers, and mysteries Answer
6. In 1953 the Rosenberg couple were executed for what crime? Answer
7. Name the first man-made satellite launched into space? Answer
8. Throughout the 1950's a high ranking member of the British Intelligence worked as a double agent serving the KGB. Who was he? Answer
9. Who was on the cover of the first 'Playboy' Magazine? Answer
10. When Fidel Castro seized Cuba, who did he overthrow? Answer
11. What was the name of the ranch in 'Bonanza'? Answer
12. Stalin died in 1953. Who succeeded him? Answer
13. Name the TV crime drama headed by Elliot Ness. Answer
14. Which popular female clothing item was introduced by Allen Gant in 1959? Answer
15. Who wrote and recorded the song 'Your Cheating Heart'? Answer
16. In 1952 the longest running play opened in London, it was ... Answer
17. Dr. Jonas Salk produced a vaccine for ... Answer
18. In 1955 an amusement park was opened in California; what was it called? Answer
19. Four days after he was killed in a car crash, the film 'Rebel Without a Cause' was released. Who was he? Answer
20. Which reference book for world records was first published in 1955? Answer
21. What was the name of the dog the Russians sent into space in 1957? Answer
22. Who sang 'Ring of Fire'? Answer
23. Who sang the 'Banana Boat Song'? Answer

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Mary 6th Jan 2019 Activities In Memory Care Unit
Trivia from the baby boomer age is a big help. Gets so much discussion going on. Thank you for all you do.
Talita 11th Jan 2019
Thanks for your feedback Mary!
Sandra 4th Nov 2016 Activities Coordinator
What a wonderful site. I have printed some activities already and am looking forward to trying them with my clients.
thank you
Talita 7th Nov 2016
Thanks so much for your feedback Sandra! Good Luck!
Pamela 2nd Oct 2016 Respite Carer
What a day it was when I came across this wonderful site, Golden Carers. Our guests at the respite centre absolutely love quizzes, and I have printed numerous quizzes today for the upcoming week. thank you so much to everyone involved in this fabulous site.
Talita 3rd Oct 2016
oh thank you Pamela! Your feedback is so much appreciated!
kareen 13th Sep 2016 activities officer
my resis love quiz time and discussions....I will give them a topic to discuss and it creates so much conversation.. This nostalgia quiz will be great as they always like new challenges
thanks for the hard work you put into making our Jobs a bit simpler....This is such a valuable site for all us diversional therapists. thank you thank you I cant thank you enough :-)
Talita 19th Sep 2016
oh thank you so much Kareen! Your feedback is much appreciated.
Helen 25th Aug 2016 Diversional Therapist
I work at a Diversional Therapist in Gisborne, New Zealand. Nostalgia is always a success and I'm looking forward to using the quiz in one of my sessions. Thanks
Talita 26th Aug 2016
Thanks for your feedback Helen! Hope it goes well!
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