Here's a word search to share during Black History Month!

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Susan 20th Nov 2023 Activity Director
Hi Winsome
Thank you for your kind words
If you like you can create your own word search, including the people you mentioned
Then you could share with the rest of the Activities community here
Winsome 19th Nov 2023 Manager For Dementia Meeting Centre
Thank you for this. thank you for including Black history month is activities for senior.
Black history month is not just about the struggle for equity. It is. But it is more than this. It is about the wonderful achievements and creativity that those who are identified as Black have achieved and contributed to the countries and communities where they live.

It would have been good to see these included in the word search. Mention the scientists, musicians, inventors, designers, athletes, business persons, public speakers, champions of human rights - poets, playwrights and more - mention the black civilisations in Africa, as well as the words you have used such as oppression etc - because Black history month celebrates our wholeness.