Generate your own word finders here in seconds! Consider creating personalised word finders for birthdays and other special events!

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Letitia 4th May 2024 4theLOv3!
Absolutely brilliant and easy! The residents I serve LOVE word searches and we provide them weekly. It's so difficult to find pertinent ones for them that are easy to read!!! Thank you so much! I plan to make many more! I just made one for skilled nursing week.
Vanessa 9th Apr 2024 Activity Coordinator
I did know how easy it was going to be!First time to do this and it was brilliant!I created a UFO word search for one of our clients and he absolutely loved it!
Phyllis 10th Jan 2023 Activities Director
wow this is an amzing tool right here that is worth the annual subscriptin rate alone! Thank you so much for this !
Phyllis from Boston
Talita 11th Jan 2023
Thank you so very much for your feedback Phyllis!
Faith 15th Apr 2022 Diversional Therapist / Lifestyle Assistant
would it be possible to have a create your own word scramble? I love this method of creating for my residents
Talita 16th Apr 2022
Hi Faith, yes! Thanks for the request, we'll get on it and keep you posted!
Emily 5th Feb 2022 Activities Assistant
This is my favorite way to produce word searches! I created one called “ words we now hate” with all covid related words for the staff . It was hilarious and a huge success in boosting staff morale for the day!
Talita 14th Feb 2022
ha, I love this idea Emily! Thanks so very much for your feedback!
Hayley 5th Jan 2022 Activity Coordinator
This is amazing , some residents love this ,I can make it personal to them , this is what they like . Keep the good work up.
Talita 6th Jan 2022
Thanks so much for your feedback Haley!
Erica 29th Dec 2021 Program Coordinator
Talita 3rd Jan 2022
Thank you so much for your feedback Erica! All the best!
Valerie 25th Oct 2021 Activity Coordinator
I just love it! Thanks.
Talita 3rd Jan 2022
Thank you Valerie!
Anne 10th Jun 2021 Life Enrichment Coordinator
This is incredible! Thank you so much for making this possible!
Talita 14th Jun 2021
Thank you so much for our feedback Anne! I think it's pretty cool too!
Justine 2nd Feb 2021 Activities Cordinator
Thank you this is awesome!
Talita 14th Jun 2021
Thank you Justine!
Lorraine 17th Nov 2020 Recreational Director
Awesome I personalized it with names of places in our building to hand out to new residents so easy to use thank-you!
Talita 22nd Nov 2020
Oh that's a great idea! Thanks so much for your feedback Lorraine!
Sharon 25th Sep 2020 Diversional Therapist
These are so great! It means we can adapt them to the relevant local themes down here in New Zealand. Well done! Lorina (Diversional therapist)
Talita 28th Sep 2020
Thank you so much for your feedback Lorina!
IRENE 18th Jul 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
I actually enjoyed making this for my residents. Thanks a lot
Talita 19th Jul 2020
Thanks so much for your feedback Irene! It's a lot of fun!
Christina 27th Jun 2020 Activities Coordinator
This was great. I did all the residents names. Great success
Talita 28th Jun 2020
Oh so great to hear Christina, thanks for letting us know! All the best! x
Marie 9th Jun 2020 activity director
Love this !!! Ive made a bunch..its nice to personalize them . I made a 'welcome' one for new admits
Talita 15th Jun 2020
That's a GREAT idea Marie! Thanks so much for your feedback x
Louise 25th May 2020 RAO
Hi I am able to create the word search easily but then want to include it into our monthly newsletter. How do I copy and print onto newsletter document? Thanks for any help.
Maurice 28th May 2020
Hi Louise!

The easiest way would be to use the tool above, and once it's been generated, save it as a PDF.

To do this, you just print the page like you normally would when using a printer, and instead of printing it using your printer, you select "Word PDF", or "Adobe PDF", or "Save as Document".

Once you have it as a PDF file, you should be able to add it insert it into a newsletter.

I hope that helps!
Valerie 25th May 2020 Activities Aide
I have already built a few Word Search puzzles with this tool. It works well as my residents love to have themed puzzles for both crossword and word search every week. With both create options I am able to have the same theme for both puzzles even if there are not already ones here.
It is also really handy to be able to create puzzles for holidays or special events we celebrate here in Canada that would not show up on a different country's site.
Susan 25th May 2020 Activity Director
I like to use a blank word search grids

where the residents can actually make word searches and you can copy them and distribute them
Diane 18th May 2020 Senior Activity Leader
This is wonderful! I'm sure my seniors will enjoy it too.
Talita 18th May 2020
Thank so much for your feedback Diane!
Julie 7th May 2020 Activities Co -ordinator
Thank you so much how wonderful and so quick you are just brilliant thank you
Susan 7th May 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Julie
Brenda 29th Feb 2020 Activities Coordinator
Love this create your own puzzle. I created one for our council on aging and will start playing before lunch on my new "Word Search Wednesdays". I have theme of my COA and words like volunteer, lunch, fitness, fun etc. I cannot wait to see how they love it!

Will these word searches always be available as I want to do monthly, otherwise I will need to create a bunch for the year!

Thanks, so happy I would this site
Talita 2nd Mar 2020
Thanks for your feedback Brenda - this sounds wonderful!

Word searches are not currently saved but we will certainly look into this and get back to you!
Judy 14th Jan 2020 Speech Language Pathologist
I think it is awesome that you have a Create My Own Word Search! My mother-in-law needs the simpler format as the easy one that you have provided. I really like the choices that you provide such as words only forward. My mother-in-law does better if the words to be searched are listed in two columns (DOWN, ACROSS.) So, I have a question: Is there a way that I can make the list of the words in two columns, one for DOWN and one for ACROSS? The other thing I noticed that when I searched for my words I used a green pen for the words that were DOWN and a red pen for words that were ACROSS. So my second question is there a way that I can add color to the words list? Thanks so much!
Susan 15th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Hi Judy
You may want to try using this flying word search grid
First you fill in the words in any color and in anyway you want
Then put extra letters around the words
You can then have two columns of words in any color and however many columns you want
I have asked residents to make word searches doing this and I have made some myself
They are fairly easy and the residents really like them
Judy 15th Jan 2020 Speech Language Pathologist
Thanks Susan for your help. I think you mean that I print the blank grid, fill in the words by hand, add my list by hand, etc. Is that what you mean? Thanks
Susan 16th Jan 2020 Activity Director
Yes Judy that’s exactly what I mean I have used it with great success
Lisa 28th Nov 2019 Recreation/Activation
Perfect timing as usual. Exactly what I needed today
Susan 28th Nov 2019 Activity Director
Talita 29th Nov 2019
So good to hear Lisa!
KAREN 24th Nov 2019 Co-Ordinator - Semi Retired
awesome thank you
Talita 25th Nov 2019
Thanks Karen!
Debbi 29th Nov 2013 Teacher
The word search puzzle is an excellent tool, thanx
Susan 11th Oct 2013 Diversional Therapist
I just created a word search using Melbourne Cup winners. My Residents will love it.
Giannina 21st Jun 2013 Planned Activity Grouo Team Leader
This is a great idea. Our Clients will love it.
Thanks so much.
Kate 3rd Feb 2013 leisure&Lifestyle assistant
I've created this word finder for Valentines Day - thank you for the opportunity
Adeline 2nd Jan 2013 Recreation Activity Officer
I will try this for my residents...will see the result.
Anita 30th Nov 2012 Leisure and Health Therapist
Thank you very much for this puzzle, my residents who love playing word-games, will be quite thrilled to go hunting for their names. I will put the alphabet down the left-hand-side and number across the top so that they can call out a grid reference when trying to direct me to where they believe a name in the list starts. I love the ideas on this site - Thank you again :-)
Linda 25th Oct 2012 Recreation Therapist
Wow! let you know how residents liked it latter