A cookie and biscuit themed word search to enjoy!

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Mercedes 19th Nov 2021 Activities Coordinator
For the very first time I really spent time to browse through various activities. Golden Carers is absolutely AMAZING !!
Thank you, thank you.
Talita 30th Nov 2021
Thank you so very much for your feedbacl Mercedes, we appreciate it so much!
Kathleen 2nd Nov 2019 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Do you have a more difficult word search? I have independent residents and these are very easy for them?
Talita 4th Nov 2019
Hi Kathleen, thanks for your feedback. We have added a harder version with more letters and with words that may be forward or backwards, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Is this what you had in mind? We can certainly provide a hard and easy version of word searches in future.

You can also create your own word searches here: