Here is a boarding pass template to use in armchair travel activities!

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Kathleen 14th Jul 2022 Cna
Was a Word Document ever created? I would love to be able to edit it this as it would look at an airport versus by hand. Thanks so much!!
Maurice 18th Jul 2022
Not yet but we will work on one for the next release :)
Maurice 14th Sep 2022
Hi Kathleen!

We've just released a Word Document verison of this :)

You can type out all your details, and then for each passenger, type the name and seat, and print each one as you go. Makes it very fast to quickly print out a set.

Hope that helps!
Sharon 18th Dec 2019 Lifestyle officer
is there a way i can save the boarding pass so i can edit it
Maurice 18th Dec 2019
Hi Sharon!

What sort of changes did you want to make out of interest?

These boarding passes were designed so that they could be printed, filled out by hand, and then folded and glued for each flight.

Something we could do is provide a Word Document version with this as the background, then the names and details could be typed over the top before printing. I'm not sure how much time this would save though.

Let me know, we're always looking for feedback and ideas!