Bocce balls is an ancient game from Italy that is similar to bowling.

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Barbara 24th Jul 2017 Recreation Coordinator
We purchased a set of indoor Bocce balls from Walmart. They're heavier beanbags and they don't roll very straight which makes for a challenging and funny game at times!
Maureen 21st May 2014 activities officier
the piece of pipe is positioned on the edge of their fall out chair, the bottom is aimed towards the kitty and placed on a pot plant stand raiser or similar and the resident places the boccie ball in the top and lets go, the resident tells me if it lines up with the kitty and enjoys getting me to do her bidding.
The pipe can also be placed to the side or where ever the resident nedds or wants it. Trial and error.
Darla 20th May 2014 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Maureen, could you please explain in more detail about the PVC pipe and how this works? Agreed with your plan, but unsure how it works.
Maureen 13th May 2014 activities officier
Yes I do know how residents love this game, we play outside using a tennis ball as kitty and they see how many times they can hit it with the bocce balls (10)
Our residents who can't stand or have limited upper body we use a pvc pipe for them to roll the bowls down.
Kelly 25th May 2013 Recreation Therapist
OMG you have no idea how popular this is in our facility.

We bought a set of plastic bocce balls from Kmart & a set of real stainless steel balls from rebel sport (sometimes the steel ones are too heavy for some residents).

We play every Saturday morning and once during the week. We have 2 teams and they get quite competitive. We have just started visiting our sister facilities and playing against them too.

We have recently just modified an indoor bocce game as the weather is becoming colder and wetter. For the indoor game we get everyone to sit in a circle in the room. (We are lucky we have a room with carpet).

I then alternate coloured balls around the room. They still play in 2 teams. The jack goes in the middle of the room and they take turns throwing the bocce ball to see who ends up the closest to the jack(all balls stay in play until everyone has had a turn).

They don't have to leave their chair. We laugh our heads off, sometimes the balls go under chairs and under tables, they love it so much and the feedback from the residents is that they are actually enjoying the indoor version better.

They say they don't have to rely on staff to stand all the time, they like not getting out of their chair.

Absolutely fantastic, recommend giving it a go, the balls in Kmart are cheap.