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meredith 13th Feb 2017 Activity co ordinator
Printed off most of these to do with our residents. I am sure they will enjoy them . I am always looking for ideas......Golden Carers is great. thanks for your printables. Meredith
Jodie 29th Apr 2014
This and the crossword was a great hit in my facility wish there were more to print off
rosemary 8th Nov 2013 carer
Can you please put more Brain Teasers on the web site
Thank you
talita 20th Jul 2013
Hi Maxine,

You should be able to view and print all activities on the website.
Some activities have downloads which you need to click on and open before printing.
Maxine 20th Jul 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator
I joined golden cares so I can access puzzles and crosswords I need to be able to copy them how can I do this ? Maxine
talita 3rd Apr 2013
Thanks Debbie. We have made a few changes to the brain teaser this morning so please download it again before you use it.

debbie 1st Apr 2013 day centre coordinator
looks good I will try this at our day centre ...they love quizzes
cheers Debbie