In honor of Canada Day, here is a list of some of the inventions that the world can thank Canada for!   Fun trivia for the elderly!

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Susan 31st May 2022 Activity Director
Hi Renate
Glad this website is so helpful to you Feel free to ask questions
Sorry that you had a stroke and you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease but it sounds like you are doing the best you can
Thank you for sharing
Renate 30th May 2022 Retired
Hello my friends,
I am an 82 year old senior. While searching the net on mind games for seniors, I came across the golden carers website. Although I am not a caregiver, I always cared about people. I admire the golden carers for all the good work they do. And I really love these sites.
Thank you for bringing cheerfulness into my life.
I suffered a stroke one year ago, and was recently diagnosed with parkinsons disease.
I love all of you,

Edmonton, Canada
Talita 31st May 2022
Thank you for your comments, Renate. I'm sorry to hear about your health challenges and I hope you have a wonderful support network surrounding you. All the very best to you x
Debbie 27th May 2020 Recreation Therapist
I just put together a PowerPoint for my group on this topic. Dont forget Superman.
Heather 4th Jun 2019 Recreation Programmer
Don't forget Penicillin and basketball! Ca
Canadian living and working in Senior Services in the USA
Sheila 19th Jun 2014 Occupational Therapist
Wow what an amazing list! Thanks