Colouring-in for May

Colouring-in for May

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Colouring for Seniors   $29.95

30 pages of landscapes, scenery, and themes.

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Susan 1st Oct 2014
Thankyou Cathy for the advice about google images. I would never have thought of looking there for borders.x
Cathy 29th Sep 2014
Try searching "page boarders" in Google images. You will find images that you can save to "picture" on your computer then print off to colour. (Do a "print pre-view" first to see if the picture is the right size and the lines are not blurred because the image is too small.)
I do this in A4 for flyer boarders and photos.
Judy 26th Sep 2014
Hello, I am using the floral photo frame for creating name plates to put on bedroom doors. The residents are doing all the work and love to complete the colouring in, and I write the name in the middle. Is anyone able to draw a similiar one that i can use for a bit of a change? These are all going on women's rooms. For the men i am using cars etc.
Many thanks
Judy, Vic.
Val 1st May 2011
congratulations on your site we would be absolutely lost sometimes without your ideas