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Susan 1st Oct 2014 Freelance Activity Co-ordinator
Thankyou Cathy for the advice about google images. I would never have thought of looking there for borders.x
Cathy 29th Sep 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator/ DT
Try searching "page boarders" in Google images. You will find images that you can save to "picture" on your computer then print off to colour. (Do a "print pre-view" first to see if the picture is the right size and the lines are not blurred because the image is too small.)
I do this in A4 for flyer boarders and photos.
Judy 26th Sep 2014 Activities Co-ordinator
Hello, I am using the floral photo frame for creating name plates to put on bedroom doors. The residents are doing all the work and love to complete the colouring in, and I write the name in the middle. Is anyone able to draw a similiar one that i can use for a bit of a change? These are all going on women's rooms. For the men i am using cars etc.
Many thanks
Judy, Vic.
Val 1st May 2011 Resource Officer
congratulations on your site we would be absolutely lost sometimes without your ideas