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Pauline 15th Apr 2016 Recreation Therapist
Looking at purchasing ipads/ tablets for my residents and was wondering what is the best to put music etc on if I get Ipads do I have to use ITunes or can I transfer some other way..
let me know what you have and what works best..
Thankyou Pauline
Maurice 15th Apr 2016
Hi Pauline!

It depends on how you want to use the iPads.

If you want to connect the iPad to some speakers so all the residents can hear it, here are some options:
1. Spotify: This is my personal favourite. You will need an account, it's free with ads and $12 a month to remove ads. If you use Spotify, have a look at this activity, Golden Carers have created some playlists for you, Hit's from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and Rainy Day Sing-alongs.
2. Another option is iTunes Music streaming, but I've never used it. Similar pricetag.

If however you have bought many iPads to give to the residents, then creating accounts on each device is very time consuming. If that's the case I recommend "iHeartRadio" because you don't need an account. Once you download the app, select "Oldies" as the type of music you want, and then select a radio. I can recommend the "iHeart 50s" playlist.

I hope that helps!
Pauline 19th Apr 2016 Recreation Therapist
Thankyou Maurice that helps a lot .....
Thea 24th Apr 2016 Facility Manager
Download through You Tube :)
Kate 8th Jan 2024 Well-being Coordinator
I use Amazon music as a prime member it’s free to download, I’m in Scotland ☺️

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