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Sally 10th Jun 2016 Activities Coordinator
I have a few newish residents who are sad and isolated and unwilling to come to any activities but are quite happy to have a chat in their rooms, One at least has a diagnosis of Depression. Should I be continuing to encourage them to come to activities or just allow them to stay in their rooms. I'm not sure if my attitude is getting in the way. Any thoughts?
Solange 10th Jun 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sally
Despite encouragement to attend activities being important some people just prefer solitary pursuits. Perhaps they were loners all their lives and are happy in their own company.
Don't feel guilty or discouraged if some residents seldom participate. Just rule out illness and depression and let them exercise their freedom of choice.

You may find that most loners enjoy visitors one:one from time to time. All the best!
Jenny 20th Jun 2016 Recreation Therapist
Hi Sally
Have found that the loner resident will participate by doing posters or odd jobs in their room for special events which we thank them for at the event eg Bastille Day, St Patrick's Day ect knitting ,crochet for fetes or charity Hope this helps
Meagan 21st Jun 2016 Activities Co-ordinator
Hi Sally,

I have found that our loner residents do still like be invited along to activities, it makes them feel included. I have my group activity and when I can I will individualise for our resident. Some of our loner residents still like to contribute but in an individual setting. Hope this helps too!
Sally 23rd Jun 2016
Thanks for your ideas. I have been quite encouraged this week. One of my "Loners" is a male ex policeman and I have swapped places with a male RAO for Thursday afternoons so he can run a "Mens Shed" activity. While our loner didn't exactly participate he sat in and listened. I think it was also encouraging for the RAO as he is reasonably new to the job.
I also like the of doing things in their rooms. This might come in handy for my resident with depression.
Maureen 13th May 2022 Personal Carer
Thank you for sharing I love reading people ideas, I find them very interesting as I am trying to get thing happening in a new retirement village.
Susan 13th May 2022 Activity Director
Hi Maureen
You are right it is great to read other ideas
Thanks for sharing

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