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jane 29th Jun 2016 activity provider
Hi, Everyone,
Do hope this pic of my two dogs arrives......I'm a newbe at all this! They come round to
the residential homes I visit. The little one called Bliss does/did agility. I retired her last
week (15 yrs). She's been very popular and everyone loved her. I started her off with the
help of flower pots and shortened broom handles painted in bright colours then managed
to find and afford the foam rubber jumps in pink, blue and yellow. She will still come but
just to say hello. Duchy my big girl, was rescued 3 yrs ago from a puppy farm (she being
one of the breeding bitches) 6 yrs old and never been in a house, car and didn't even know
how to run. Terrible life. She has now excelled..... everyone loves her. She wanders round and says hi and then just plonks herself down and goes to sleep. Wonderful.
Hope you like my little story. The meaning, everyone loves animals and are a great asset. They certainly help me in the work that I and everyone of us who try and entertain our ladies and gentlemen do. Bye for now. Luv Jane
Talita 2nd Jul 2016
Jane how lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!
Geraldine M 4th Jul 2016 Lifestyle therapist
Good on you Jane loved your story so positive. It works well if the residents dont have their dog in the facility. Bless your work

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