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Activities - Bedingfeld Park Inc 5th Oct 2016 Aged Care
Hi everyone,
I'm in need of some ideas for christmas presents for our residents must be suitable for low, high and dementia people
Talita 10th Oct 2016
Great question. We've had a few threads on this in previous years, here are a few I dug up:

There is also a gift category which may have some relevant diy craft activities you may like to try:

Hope this helps!
Pechola 15th Oct 2016
Socks and gloves
Activities - Bedingfeld Park Inc 28th Nov 2016
thanks for the posts we are going with edible gifts
Solange 4th Dec 2016 Diversional Therapist
Ideas for affordable Christmas gifts: Non-greasy hand lotion, soaps, hand-warmers, woolens socks, crocheted lap blanket, shampoo, conditioners, dried fruit boxes, chocolates, body wash, bath puff scrub, succulents and other plants, a bottle of Sherry, an air tight container with some cookies, a framed photo of client and closest relative, a box of marzipan. Best wishes!

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