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Kymberly 16th Oct 2016 Activities Coordinator
Hi. I'm looking for a list of words for charades for movies/songs/actors categories. There are lots of suggestions for objects and verbs on the net - anyone know whr i can find one? :) Anyone done something similar to 'Heads Up'? ;the game from 'Ellen'? Ppl 'wear' the word on their head (attached to a head band) and they have to guess it. I'd be happy to diy if there are suggestions
Talita 17th Oct 2016
I love this game idea! I have seen it on tv long ago but had forgotten all about it. I wonder if some of the quizzes on the website would be helpful? There are quite a few nostalgia movie and song quizzes here:
Kymberly 19th Oct 2016 Activities Coordinator
Found out that its actually an app so I've made my own collection, & just laminated my own cards...i've tried it with 3 of my groups and they loved it. Never seen them laugh so either :) A cpl of funny ones i gave out was Michael Jackson, a hula-hoop, and doing the twist. I'll share if anyone's interested.
Talita 20th Oct 2016
Oh that's great to hear Kymberly! I'd love it if you could create a new activity and share your list with us. I'm sure everyone would love that!
Carol 25th Oct 2016 Activities Coordinator
Sounds Great! Please share Kymberly :)
Activities - Bedingfeld Park Inc 28th Nov 2016
Hi Kymberly, I would love a copy have been considering doing charades but have not had the time to get the resources as yet
Inga 3rd Dec 2016 Activities Coordinator

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