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Kara 15th Nov 2016 Lifestyle Facilitator
Hi all!,

I'm looking at starting an Art appreciation/discussion activity. Could any of you please help me out by offering advice on what you've tried and seen work, or point me in the right direction on how to start.
Thanks for your help =)
Talita 21st Nov 2016
This is a lovely initiative Kara. This is a good one to ask on our Facebook Group page too:

Love to hear how it goes.
Shelley 8th Dec 2016 Music therapist
Hi. In the U.S. The Museum of Modern Art has a MoMA Alzheimer's Project. They have art modules on their webpage. You can inquire about resources at [email protected]
Solange 8th Dec 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Shelley, thank you for this information.
Sonia 19th Dec 2016 Life Enrichment Associate
I have worked as a volunteer with a group called Art Goes to School for the past 15 years and have bought our program into the senior community where I work. Basically I bring in no more than 3 24x28 mounted posters of work by three different artists. Using the Socratic a walk around the room with a poster so every one gets a good look and then ask what did you see? This get everyone engaged. We discuss different elements in the work, materials used, info on the artist and time period etc. then I do the same thing with the other 2 and compare. It is always a lively discussion, with lots of interesting opinions. Your group will really enjoy it!
Kara 22nd Dec 2016 Lifestyle Facilitator
Thank you so much for your replies ladies. This is something I look forward to developing more in the New Year.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

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