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Lowana 22nd Nov 2016 Leisure & Lifestyle Manager
Good Moring member,

I'm wanting to run a Christmas Tombola. Has anyone done one? Do you have any advice on how to go about it?
Talita 28th Nov 2016
Hi Lowana, this is a great question to ask on our Facebook Group page:

Shelley 9th Dec 2016 Music therapist
Hi, I live in the states, Inwould love to know what a Tombola is and figure out what to design for it
Shannon 13th Dec 2016 Information Coordinator
Hi Lowana and Shelley

Tombola is Italian bingo, it is run a little differently to our bingo. Or it is like a lottery or raffle is done at a fete. The main difference is the prizes are assigned a random number and the participants buy a ticket from a barrel or basket or something and hope it is the matching number...

The Christmas tombola sounds like the fete version of one, in which case you would set it up no differently to the way you do a raffle. Here's a good simple description for you

If you are referring to the bingo-type game, then you need the usual bingo gear and have special cards made up. They are different from other bingo cards as they have 3 rows and 9 columns. Each card has approximately 15 numbers on it with each with many blank rows.

A good instruction sheet for this game, with the calls in Italian is here
Lowana 11th Jan 2017 Leisure & Lifestyle Manager
We pulled it off with great success!
A lot of the prizes were able to be re gifted as Christmas presents for their loved ones :)
We sold raffle tickets at the door at a price of $2 for 3 tickets.
I also put the numbers 1 to 72 on each gift on a display table out the front . This avoided us choosing the prize, it was handed our in order...
Talita 14th Jan 2017
Thanks so much for letting us know how it went Lowana! Sounds like a lot of fun.

If you have time to share your experience as an activity that would be lovely:

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