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Annemarie 24th Nov 2016 Activities Coordinator
I'm thinking to introduce a fake bus stop in the facility to accomodate residents with dementia who want to go home. Can anyone give me suggestions in regards to where to place the busstop, preferably outside. Does it have to be near a road to make it real or can we place it along a footpath which would be much safer. Any other comments and experiences would be much appreciated!
Thanks, Annemarie
Solange 25th Nov 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Annemarie, a bus stop along the footpath is a good idea. We had one at the last facility I worked for and it was very successful. We also had a phone booth with an old fashion phone that was often visited by clients.
Pat 14th Dec 2016 Owner/Director
Hello Annemarie.
I have worked in a facility with a bus stop. We had 2 bus stops. One at each end of the line. This proved successful. For our residents who just wanted to go home, this gave them a purpose for the time they needed. This may sound insensitive, but they were happy. An explanation would have been given as to why the bus has not turned up.. They would be disappointed but they knew there was another bus stop. This fitted there lives for this moment and distracted them. We would even find the time to have a picnic while waiting for the bus. This does not work for everyone, but if you find peace of mind for an individual, this is a success in your day.
Susan 7th Jan 2017 Diversional Therapist
We have a bus stop in our secure dementia unit. It works well and has been very useful over the years. It is on a cement pathway, with a fenced car park in sight, so cars can be seen coming and going. Ours gets a bit of shade as well. Residents seem to get a lot of comfort in sitting there, it gives them a feeling of purpose to find it and after a while are easy to redirect to come in for a drink.
Alison 11th Jan 2017
We had one in our memory support unit with a bench for the residents to sit on. We placed an arch way near it with plants growing it looked amazing and residents stopped had a seat a bit of a chat and then happy to wander again.

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