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Stephanie 28th Jan 2017 Memory Care Life Enrichment Coordinator
I am a Life Enrichment Coordinator for a brand new- opening soon Memory Care facility. I have a budget to buy activities for our facility. I am trying to incorporate all kinds of different activities that our folks will enjoy. Is there any must have's...other than standard board games/cards, etc?
Solange 30th Jan 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Stephanie, a Karaoke player would be high on my list. Also, a massage chair and an electric Aromatherapy diffuser would be fun, useful and practical for clients. Best wishes.
Joanne 3rd Feb 2017 diversional therapist
A trolley to keep massage creams, nail care equipment and other beauty therapy items on, this makes it easier to transport too frail residents.
I have found that many of my residents enjoy adult colouring, so a good supply of pencils, gel pens and textas is essential. A cheaper way to supply pictures is to buy a few colouring books of varying difficulty and photocopy (I do 10 of each) and keep in folder. Or you can download pictures, I also have several folders of word searches-easy, hard, large print etc...All the best.
Stephanie 4th Feb 2017 Memory Care Life Enrichment Coordinator
Thank you for all of your input. I get to make a purchase of all of our Memory Care activities and have a budget of $2300 to do so. I have a long, long list. I had thought about the trolley...but this is a small unit of 24 residents. I have been talking myself out of it. I have planned on the adult coloring pages...need to add gel pens.
Susan 8th Feb 2017 Director of Activities
Also look into companion pets; we have five cats (battery operated) that move, meow, purr, there eyes open and shut. They are amazing!! The residents find them so calming. Even the staff finds them therapeutic. If you can find them in the S&S primelife catalog or the website
Sally 10th Feb 2017 Diversional Therapist
Real life baby dolls for Doll therapy ,sensory mats ,rubber balls and baskets,brooms for sweeping inside or out,watering cans for the garden and a picnic set The list is endless and you can build on it as you go Good Luck ps I love you job title :)
Stephanie 18th Feb 2017 Memory Care Life Enrichment Coordinator
Ladies, I really appreciate the feedback. I have most of the things you have mentioned. Now...I really like the picnic idea. That is great. What I am doing is putting together activity boxes...for example the fisherman will have a box that has a tackle box, lewers without hooks, bobbers, fish, etc.
Solange 20th Feb 2017 Diversional Therapist
Great idea Stephanie, some more ideas:

Beach Picnic checklist: sun screen, bug repellent, cutting board and safety knife, fruit, sun umbrella beach towels, rug for sitting, bucket, spade, a book of Agatha Christie, chips.

Park picnic checklist: rug to sit, sun screen, sun hat, portable radio, camera, mobile phone, Frisbee, ball, hand sanitizer, bottle opener, flashlight

Seamstress fiddle box: safety scissors, markers (non-permanent), chalk, pencils, turning tool, bobbins, sewing guide book, zippers, pin cushion (no pins though), measuring tape, all purpose thread, small ruler, clips.

Accountant fiddle box: an abacus, calculator, pencils, ledger book (purchase and sales), keyboard, telephone, liquid eraser.

Stephanie 21st Feb 2017 Memory Care Life Enrichment Coordinator
Thank you for the box ideas! So do you have anymore? Such a great idea!

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