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Susan 10th Feb 2017 Activities Co-ordinator
Hi All
I am to host a birthday party for 100 year old lady will have 30 residents of very mixed ability and 15 guests please has anyone an ice breaker activity suitable for such a diverse group PLEASE!!!!! I'm writing a time line and have a quiz but I need an activity to start the event. Thank you in advance
Solange 11th Feb 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Susan, here are a couple of ice-breakers for your party. Hope they help and good luck!

- Ask guests to say Hi to each other and introduce themselves.

- Have the family to organize a short This is Your Life with slides of photos and significant moments in the life of the birthday person, like special memories or fun stories from the past.

- You may find some trivia from the year the person was born and read it out to guests. Find happy and fun events of that particular year.

- Play the game Do You Have...? This is a group game where items are gathered from various people encouraging interaction. The game consists of roughly dividing the guests into two groups and giving each group a list of things to produce from their pockets or handbags etc. Each group should have a leader who will shout out every time they find an item. The group with the most items wins the applause of everyone.

Items for the game Do You Have...? Use this list or make your own list.
Credit card
5 dollars in 50 cent coins
Mobile phone
Nail file
Pocket knife
Rubber band
Finger nail clippers
Bobby pin
50 dollar bill
Walking stick
Breath mints
Bank deposit receipt
Key holder wit 6 keys
Hand lotion
Kim 14th Feb 2017 Registered Nurse
Hi Susan you could start with how it was 100 years ago compared to today. Transport ,schools food, communication etc. have fun
Susan 20th Feb 2017
Thank you food for thought!

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