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Ellen 16th Feb 2017 Life Enrichment Coordinator
I am needing some ideas and information on how you and your facility handle nail care activities. We do nail care weekly and have quite a few ladies who partake. We have a census of 78 with 70% being women. Do you have each resident use their personal nail polish or do you have community polishes? Thank you for your feedback and assistance with this matter. :)
Solange 17th Feb 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Ellen, each facility has its own infection control policies. In my experience, hand nail clipping was usually done by nurses and toe clipping only by Podiatrists. However, we had a very popular Beautician Day every second month and the ladies used to put their names down for nail care and facials. Most of the ladies used to bring their own nail polish but we had some for emergencies. We also provided dozens of small towels we call 'face-washers', also known as bath cloths or wash cloths. Here is the way we ran it:

1. Prepare the room with an aroma therapy diffuser (Lavender and geranium oils) and soft music.
2. Remove old nail polish, file and buff nails. (Use non-acetone nail polish remover and cotton balls)
3. Escort the client to a tap and ask/assist with washing hands with soap.
4. Dry hands, and seat client comfortably; place hands one at time on top of face washer and apply a very small amount of hand cream (our own). Remove hand cream from container with a lollipop stick.
5. Massage hands one at time for one or two minutes.
6. Wipe cream off nails with cotton ball and nail polish remover (our own).
7. Apply base coat and nail polish of choice (no top coat or cuticle pushers).

We did not wear rubber gloves but we washed our hands thoroughly after each client.

It was a very popular activity. Take a look at facials for special occasions here:
Solange 17th Feb 2017 Diversional Therapist
Kerry 19th Mar 2017
I work in Low Care & before I do Nail Care (remove & polish) I do a Lavender or Citrus Hand soak.
Individual dishes, towels for each resident , music & residents love it.
As I work on my own it is difficult to cover all, but most just enjoy a chat & nice Hand Soak.

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