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Bronwyn 8th Apr 2017 Support Worker/RAO
Hi Everyone, I am looking for backing music, free if possible, to download for a lot of songs that the music/singing group had on cassette's!! I would like to put them on CD, MP3, USB or my iPhone, and with the iPhone put them into music therefore I don't have to use my personal data. Our facility doesn't have WIFI only the internet for Management, You Tube is out of the question. We are waiting on the NBN, which should be another 5 mths. I am after backing music from the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's & 70's. Cheers Bron in Australia
Talita 19th Apr 2017
Hi Bronwyn, perhaps you could try discount stores and op shops / charity stores? They often have a huge range of cds. Garage sales too!

Let us know if you find a suitable online source for free music downloads!
Restvale 24th Apr 2017 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator
You could ask some volunteers if they have anything that they do not want anymore and would be willing to donate some!

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