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Sarah 11th May 2017
Need some humorous and creative names for a Men's Club. Suggestions?
Solange 11th May 2017
Hi Sarah, good luck with the Men’s Club. Here are a few suggestions!

The Not So Fast
The Spark Plugs
The Dashing Hunks
The Benchwarmers
The Beer Drums
CARLA 20th May 2017
men's land
Susan 22nd May 2017
Ho about "The Man Cave"
or Manly Times or
It's a Man Thing
juniper 30th May 2017
We have a GUYS really well with the men choosing to be busy working on projects - from sanding, painting and small repair jobs - or just "supervising" the rest of us
Cathy 7th Jun 2017
Ask the men themselves! Give a few suggestions to start the ball rolling. :)
Pauline 20th Jun 2017
HI we used "Coy Codgers Club"
debbie 5th Jul 2017
The Mangos( play on words The Man Goes)
Colleen 17th Sep 2017
I called ours the 'Chip n Dip Club' this year!
Karen 26th Sep 2017
I love the suggestions offered, what about Blokesworld?

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