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Sunya 23rd Jun 2017 Activity Director
What can I do for a resident that leans over when sitting in their wheelchair?
Solange 23rd Jun 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sunya, you could try placing a bedside table in front of her so that when she leans over she has somewhere to rest. She may not lean over the table if there is something to look or do such as a magazine, some playing cards, or any sensory material (fabric, softballs, lavender sachet). Good luck.
Susan 24th Jun 2017 Activity Director
I would talk to someone in therapy department
Perhaps this person has not been evaluated in a long time and need some therapy
If therapy has no suggestions ask nursing
As a last resort you can use a pillow on the affected side to help prop up person but as I said this is a last resort and ask permission to do this
I hope this helps

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