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Sunya 20th Jul 2017 Activity Director
Hello everyone. I need some ideas for my pureed and mech soft snacks for activities. Like resident's that eat regular food are able to eat chips, dip, ice cream and so on. For pureed and mech soft I buy pudding or cottage cheese for them because there really isn't anything else. Do anyone have a suggestion?
Susan 21st Jul 2017 Activity Director
Here are some ideas is for cheese spreads Some recipes are appropriate for Less Salt More Herbs Day celebrated on August 29 or anytime. I have another recipe if you are interested

This recipe may also be good Take into consideration the resident's diets and food safety and infection control precautions, You may have to modify it a bit to fit your specific needs

You may want to have residents make milkshakes, You may be able to use this post

Here is an easy recipe to make chocolate milkshakes
September 12 is Chocolate Milkshake Day in the US.
Along this line, you can also make ice cream floats by adding melted ice cream to soda

Here is a recipe you can adapt. You will have to boil the potatoes prior to the activity Let the residents mash their own potato with a fork. May be good for an agitated resident to do to keep him busy

Here is a recipe for beer hummus. You can buy hummus and have the residents add the beer

you may be able to modify this recipe. Precook and peel eggplant. Let each resident mash their eggplant.
Give them other ingredients to add. Do not be afraid to use garlic powder

Here is a drink you can make

Remember a large part of a cooking activity is discussing the ingredients, other recipes, and other appropriate reminiscing and trivia

No one ever thinks of hummus, but our residents really loved it
Kaitlyn 25th Jul 2017 Diversional Therapist
Chocolate Mousse is a good one. I buy the package from the grocery store and make it up at work, very simple.
I make individual ones in little plastic cups, put some cream on top. Makes it something special for the ones who miss out on the snacks during happy hours and such.
Susan 26th Jul 2017 Activity Director
Great idea Kaitlyn
Mousse and pudding are good unless they are lactose intolerent.
You can get lactose free ice cream,melt it, add thickener and refreeze for another treat.

Here is something else I have done
Get a 32 oz container of plain yogurt or alternative add half a package of sugar free jello right from the package. You can adjust how much you add depending on resident preference.

Also you can make a parfait using different flavors of yogurt or pudding
Amanda 9th Aug 2017 Diversional Therapist
Maybe Marshmallow or non bake cheesecake.

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