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Bronwyn 17th Aug 2017 Diversional Therapist Coordinator
I was wondering if anyone charges residents for activities such as Bingo, Bus trips, Pamper etc. And if so, how much? Am new to position and need to know how to cover costs for all the activities and prizes and resources.
Susan 18th Aug 2017 Activity Director
I did not charge my residents for supplies or bingo unless Someone specifically went out of their way to buy them something special
Try to get as much as he can for free or have things do nated
You can also have fundraisers for a specific cause
It is amazing what you can get for free if you just ask
You can try to negotiate with entertainers to get the best price Some will and some won't
Look for the article I wrote on optimal activities ideas for fundraising marketing and free resources
Don't be afraid to ask family members for help especially those who are there all the time
Kelly 18th Aug 2017
hi there
I don't charge for bingo. bus trips yes they pay for their own morning tea or lunch. Pampering I usually ask for a gold coin donation. I hope this helps
Kim 22nd Aug 2017 Registered Nurse
The only time my residents are asked to pay is when we go to a café or club for a lunch.We do bbq lunch bus trips. All other activities are covered by a budget set by our employer to cover such items and also are auxiliary committee also fund us.
Brenda 22nd Aug 2017 OTA
we actually have a budget for our ota team. ask your don if they can allocate some money to the ot so you can buy paint or arts crafts things or games.
Donna 24th Aug 2017 Activity Coordinator
I don't charge for bingo. I have a monthly budget I work with and my residents only want the fun size candy bars. As far as bus trips, they don't pay for the bus ride, but do pay for what ever we are doing, movies, meals out, museum, etc.
Lynley 24th Aug 2017 Activities Officer
I have a monthly budget to cover bingo etc but we only play for chocolate fish. if we go on outings they pay for lunch or afternoon tea. i pay for all craft things I use plus entertainers from my monthly budget. I buy nail polish for pamper morning cds for them to listen to. I have never had to fundraise. For xmas the budget grows to allow for extras and also happy hours.
Kim 28th Aug 2017 Registered Nurse
Bronwyn, as a fund raiser you could try to do a 100 board. This is where you draw up 100 numbered squares and charge staff, friends or residents 1 or 2 dollars a square and the winner gets 1/2 the money and you get the other 1/2 for activities. Hope this helps. But definitely ask you management if they can allocate funding for you as you cannot afford to be paying out of your own pocket. This is something that we have all been guilty of doing when we first start in this industry but you cannot sustain it for too long. And your employer will let you do it as it keeps their costs down. Good luck. Stick with it , as it is a great career you have entered into .

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