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Lalaine 18th Sep 2017 Life Style Officer
Hi there,
May I request if we can have a proper education regarding writing a care plan and progress note. so I can learn these important things.

Talita 19th Sep 2017
Hi Lalaine, have you taken a look through the care plans category? There are instructions and samples you can find there:

You might also be interested in taking a look at Golden Care Tools - this is an online tool that helps you manage your calendar, track attendance, run reports etc as well as create care plans.
Maree 19th Sep 2017 Activities Officer
Would also like some guidance around writing progress notes. Only have my own template currently, which I created myself. I feel like it covers most things but the actually note taking can be minimal with either yes/no or 1/2 word responses. It includes;
Ability to follow instructions:
Mood/Level of enjoyment:

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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