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Lisa 22nd Sep 2017 Activities for Seniors
Hello All ~
I want to play charades with my groups of residents. Some have dementia, and others are confined to wheel chairs.
Any suggestions to making it work? It needs to simple!
Lisa 22nd Sep 2017 Activities for Seniors
Thank you! I appreciate your input. I love this website!
Renee 23rd Sep 2017
Here's a list of funny ones we've used before. Just typed them up and had them draw them out of a hat.

Eating a banana
Playing the Violin
Playing Tennis
Watching a tennis game
Swatting at a mosquito
Walking a tightrope
Putting on stockings
Shaving a beard
Playing a trombone
Putting on lipstick
Burping a baby
Paddling a canoe
Conducting an orchestra
Rowing a boat
Putting on a girdle
Doing the waltz
Typing on a Typewriter
Putting on Nail polish
Raising the flag
Getting dressed
Eating a watermelon
Hanging clothes on the line
Pitching a baseball
Mowing the Lawn
Watering the Flowers
Driving a Car
Throwing a temper tantrum
Climbing a ladder
Typing on a typewriter
Rocking a baby
Hum the tune... Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Pretend your taking a picture of someone
Throw a Frisbee
Pretend you are opening a present
Rowing a boat
Smelling the Roses

Lisa 25th Sep 2017 Activities for Seniors
THANK YOU! Very helpful
Susan 1st May 2022 Activities Coordinated
Really helpful thank you the residents will enjoy it

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