This is an adaptable game to be played by two teams. It is recommended to make cards in two or three different levels: easy, medium and if the game proves popular make an even more challenging set of cards!

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Susan 22nd Oct 2021 Activity Director
Hey Jodie
Thank you for sharing your great idea
Jodie 21st Oct 2021 RAO
This was fabulous.
We played ours a little different.
We had one person out the front trying to guess the word - a white board behind them with the word written on it so the other residents could see.
The residents in the group were giving clues.
It was very interactive and a great brain game.
We used your words. Thank you for the variety
Talita 23rd Oct 2021
Thank you so much for your feedback Jodie!
Yvonne 4th Jun 2017 RAO Aged Care
I have been using this activity for a while now- Used this activity around Mothers Day including tasks that mums perform, occupations- also had a husband visiting who likes to join in & gave him the "giving birth" card - they had around 4 children & he found it hilarious - another male single resident is a retired farmer who I gave the "breast- feeding" card- everyone had a wonderful time- it's amazing how at first they don't leave the sitting position then once they become comfortable with the activity they are really getting the mojo of acting it out - The activity is very inclusive, I prompt & act out with those needing assistance & we went around the circle with each one telling us how many children they had & their names - some spoke about children they have lost - we gave them love & empathy - working life as well acknowledged- we gave recognition to them of a wonderful job well done.
Gaylene 27th Jun 2016 Activities Co-ordinator
We played this last week. What a hit. We where all laughing and teasing. Thank You..
Talita 27th Jun 2016
Thanks so much for the feedback Gaylene!
Sigrid 22nd Jun 2016 Lifestyle & Wellbeing Officer
We played this today. It is great fun and very adaptable. We used categories like "What sport am I playing?" or "what animal am I", or "what job am I doing"? Great activity for everyone!
Talita 27th Jun 2016
What a great idea Sigrid! Thanks for your feedback!
Deb 21st Jun 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator
How exciting! An old fashioned game but not one I had thought of!!! Had fun thinking of some extra words. Going to try it today!!! Thanks for rekindling my memories GC!
Talita 21st Jun 2016
Thanks Deb! Love to hear how it goes.