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Fidelma 10th Oct 2017 activity co ordinator
Hi just wondering if anyone has ideas on health and wellbeing for staff as I am going on committee soon to imply it in our workplace any ideas welcome
Renee 11th Oct 2017
We do a walking challenge. Staff purchase or already have a fitbit or pedometer (unless your company will help pay for them). We track the steps each week and give prizes throughout the 6 week challenge. At the end we give prizes for the top three participants with most steps.
Mary 23rd Jan 2018 Leisure And Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi - A while back we held a staff pampering day. Lifestyle staff organised pamper stations ie - foot spa, shoulder massage, yummy bbq and salad for lunch.
We also have a monthly "Random acts of know kindness" draw. Staff and residents can only nominate one staff each month. Prizes are ViP car park for the month, complete with signage, a gift around $30 plus laminated RAOK certificate. Then we profile that staff for the month ie Ten questions with..... On A3 and add a pic of them collecting prize .We display in staff room, questions are fun and
non intrusive + resident draws the name out during their lunch :)
Tina 2nd Feb 2021 life enrichment manager
I need help on making a monthly challenges like doing something new everyday..if its from this site he will do it...any ideas. He has parkinsons
Susan 3rd Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Tina
I am not sure what you are asking
Do you want activities for someone with Parkinson’s disease??
What are his symptoms??
Katherine 5th Feb 2021 Activities Assistant
Doing mindfulness workshops. Years back I worked for a place, that promoted this philosophy called FISH.. upper management had gone through a training. "Fish" was developed in Washington State/ based on the Pikes Place Fish Market. They had this philosphy (I don't remember all the details) there were 4 Principles: Choose your attitude- take responsiblity for how you respond to what life throws at you {If I'm in a bad mood, it's going to reflect, and others will respond as such}, Make their day (A nice word, a smile goes a long way), Be There- be present for those around you, listen.., and Play make being at work fun. With these 4 concepts, we also as luck would have it had 4 disciplinaries- Upper Management, Management, Nursing, Direct Care workers, each department had a stuffed fish, and we made up cards with the 4 principles, and as a coworker, you recognized people who exibited 1 or more of these traits, and we hand monthly staff meeting, at which time, a person who received the most "fish" for that month, recieved a small gift card, and then for each quarter, a person was then chosen to recieve another gift card. A person from each department was awarded the fish for the month. It was a great way to promote a fun work environment. At the start of the initiative I was a Care Worker, and then promoted to management, during my time with the agency, there was a big change in moral amongst staff, there were less call outs, less turnover with staff. We had a lot of fun with it.
Susan 5th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Thank you for this information Katherine
John 5th Feb 2021 Activites Manager
Hi, we do 20 min Tia Chi exercise programme each lunch break which helps to punctuate a very busy day.
Susan 6th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Thank you for this information John
This sounds like a great idea

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