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Maggie 27th Oct 2017 Hca
Morning everyone, im looking for ideas for any form of activities for my guys i work with as they have muddle to late dementia and some are struggling to communicate with staff. Anything will be great . As im now becoming dementia champions i also need to get other staff members to understand dementia more, so any ideas how to deliver info on her the residents brain deterate would be great to. Some where i saw how they explained this using 3trees as brains. Thanks Maggie
Susan 29th Oct 2017 Activity Director
I am in the process of writing an article for low functioning residents having to do with a die(singular for dice) that would probably be helpful

Also check out the article I wrote about playing card games

In addition read the comment I wrote about the game called "One" after the dice game article

Another idea is to have them rub pieces of wood with sandpaper and then paint the wood if they are capable of doing this
Renee 31st Oct 2017
I would look at Teepa Snow's trainings to help educate your staff more on Dementia. They are excellent.

What did your residents once enjoy? Did they like music, if so singing. Did they enjoy getting pampered, maybe a nail care time.

What types of communication difficulties are you seeing? Can they reminisce with you? Could you do some physical games or exercise with them that do not require talking?
Maggie 2nd Nov 2017 Hca
Hi Renee they can't seem to speak nor seem to understand what we saying. Like would u like a drink, and when u show them the drink, they can't understand what to do even if we assist them. Or when they keep getting up wondering they try to speak what they want but just smile.
Renee 7th Nov 2017
Sounds like more sensory stimulation activities would be a good option. You could also look into Montessori Based activities. Listen to music with them, play with som instruments, very simple baking (maybe just taste testing!). Don't give options. This can be overwhelming to the person with Dementia. Say things like "come with me" when inviting to an activity or just give them a drink you know they have enjoyed in the past.

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