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Nikole 7th Dec 2017 Activities Director
I have difficulty getting my residents to participate in activities when the weather is cold outside. Does anyone have a suggestion for indoor activity. I have a poker night and an indoor game night but other then that...I'm stumped. Working on my January calendar.
Susan 7th Dec 2017 Activity Director
I always had great luck with a playing card bingo game and a sing-along at night
I assume you're looking for Night activities
Susan 7th Dec 2017 Activity Director
How could I forget a movie night
One way I got residents to get involved in the sing-along is to have a resident choral group
They could have performances for the other residents families or the community throughout the year thus giving them an incentive to practice
Susan 7th Dec 2017 Activity Director
Another idea that came to mind is to have a sports night
Put a game on TV and serve refreshments that's always a big hit
Also serving refreshments at any activity brings the esidents out
Solange 7th Dec 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Nikole, winter is a great time to craft. Of course, the craft must suit the skills of your clients.
For instance, dementia clients may enjoy making a winter poster: offer magazines and old calendars to cut out winter pictures (with safety scissors). For high functioning residents something more challenging like Christmas garlands, pom-pom wreaths, paper snowflakes, or sock snowmen. All the best.
Bobbi 10th Dec 2017 Art Therapist
We made Christmas decorations for our centre tree - the complexity of the activity matched the skills of the residents. That way everyone contributed.
Nikole 12th Dec 2017 Activities Director
Thank you all for the great suggestions. I have added a few indoor activities including game night and scrapbooking. I already show movies every night (except Sunday) and have a poker night every other monday.
Nikole 5th Jan 2018 Activities Director
Scrap booking has been a hit! I have family members that are coming and helping their loved ones get involved and bringing family pictures to put into scrap books. The conversations and stories have been funny and amazing!
Shelley 5th Jan 2018 Music therapist
On those cold days, offer a coffee or hot chocolate bar. Have the beverage in a crockpot so it is warm. For the hot chocolate have whipping cream, shaved chocolate, mini chocolate chips, marshmallows, marshmallow cream, crushed pepper mints, and Carmel to drizzle. Have a fun variety of mugs to fill. Let the, keep the cup, or make it a monthly occasion where they can bring in their mugs for a refill.
Shelley 5th Jan 2018 Music therapist
Hot cocoa bar. Make hot cocoa and have it warming in a crock pot. Offer up a variety of fun mugs. Next to the mugs have: mini chocolate chips, marshmallows, marshmallow cream, caramel to drizzle, crushed peppermints, Have some word puzzles available that they can do as a group, or get their cocoa and leave.
Khelie 13th Feb 2018
When doing word puzzles are they being done sitting at a table or looking at a board?
Nasira 13th Feb 2018 Educational Administration
Hi everyone
We are just starting a seniors club.
Need ideas to keep members interested enough to come again and again. Our opening is on Saturday17th February

Janell 29th Dec 2022 Guest Services
All these ideas are wonderful...thank you! I try to combine word game (unscramble winter words) while serving hot chocolate and dark chocolate hershey kisses. Always a good laugh follows.

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