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Pb 30th Dec 2017 Quality of life director
I am short staffed on Sunday's and our cna's are too busy to facilitate any activities. Any suggestions? Thank you
Alejandra 2nd Jan 2018 Activity Director
In our facility this is what we do.
10 am horse races.
We have 3 group of religious
Am Catholic
Nikole 5th Jan 2018 Activities Director
I have churches in the area come for devotions on Sundays and play a movie. You can also do activities that are "resident lead". For example my bridge group has a list of phone numbers of other bridge players in the facility and they call each other to get a group together. It takes little to no effort on your part but also gives them something to do AND encourages them to be more social. It has really taken off at my facility!

Solange 5th Jan 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Pb, yes, many facilities have this problem. It pays to organize a good movie or to watch a sports game on Sundays. Also, a sing-along or a craft session are good activities for when you are on your own. The best solution would be a volunteer to help you on Sundays.
Restvale 12th Jan 2018 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator
We have a church service in the morning via the radio therefore not much to set up for carers and in the afternoon have a movie. We (lifestyle) set up the day before and have it all ready for the carers to do. Our morning and afternoon tea is served by kitchen staff. Our residents are quite happy with this as we also promote that it is 'family time'! with families.
Susan 13th Jan 2018 Director of Activities
We set up music videos/sing-a-longs in the morning and do hands alive, one-to-one balloon toss. The staff rotates between the two units where residents cannot do for themselves. In the afternoon we have church groups come in. On one Sunday we do not have a church group to come in so I have DVD's from a church in town and we gather the residents together to watch.

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