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Sandra 30th Dec 2017 Activities Coordinator
hello everyone!!!
I've just became an activities coordinator at a nursing home, but unfortunately I've got no support and don't know where and how to start.
the previous activities coordinator, used to plan a monthly diary... can some one, please, help me doing one and give some ideas and opinions.
i'll be very grateful.

Thank you all in advance.

happy new year.

Solange 4th Jan 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sandra, I feel for you not having support at work, it can take a while for other staff to get on the board. I am quite sure you are doing very well. Planning the Monthly Activity Program in advance helps a lot. Here is a link to get you started:
Also, as soon as you can, recruit a couple of volunteers to assist you; it makes a world of difference. This link may help you:
All the best, you will be fine.
Nori 12th Jan 2018
Welcome! Golden Carers is the PERFECT place to start! So many great suggestions, ideas, and resources. Using "pre-planned" activity calendars can be a good starting point--then you can adjust them to your needs. Recurring activities (daily, weekly, monthly events) are also a good way to get a program going. For example, consider having exercises every day just prior to lunch service (say, 11am?). This will make sure your residents are on time for lunch AND get them to try some physical activity! You can also try jump-starting your program by doing an Activity Survey. Golden Carers has a template or two for getting input from your tenants in a very easy format. Lining up some volunteers is important (as mentioned in a previous post). And remember to try and have FUN, too! If your tenants see that you are stressed about planning things for them, they won't think what you've planned is FUN (and then they'll stay away, making you more stressed!). So keep it simple to start, and enjoy yourself!
Jill 24th Jan 2018 Activities Coordinator
Hi you can email me if you would like a chat and some ideas [email protected] or find me on facebook jill littleknitter lynch . I sort all of our planning and realy enjoy it xx
Lisa 27th Jan 2018 Carer
I was exactly the same this site will really help you it has me
Joanne 27th Jan 2018 Engagement Lead
hi Sandra, I started my position as engagement lead three weeks before Christmas . when I started the activities cupboard was a mess, I couldn't see the floor. I had to do ten trolley full trips to the bins.
it was really hard and I didn't have resources to use for activity and found it extremely difficult.. an engagement lead in one of our other homes put me on too this website and it is honestly been fantastic.. I started a button tree cause I found a massive pot of buttons and spot the difference went down really well.
hope you have luck in your journey, and don't give up as it is extremely rewarding . GOOD LUCK xx
Kim 20th Feb 2018 Registered Nurse
Hi Sandra, if you were to email me on [email protected]. I could send you a copy of our activities calendar,you may find this helpful.
Kim 21st Feb 2018 Programs Director
Sandra, you are welcome to email me also and I'll send my calendars. I have independent, assisted and memory care and am in the states... [email protected]

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