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deborah 11th Jan 2018 activities person
how do i celebrate a residents birthday i used to put up banners and ballooons then have a cake and give them a card and sing happy birthday does anyone do anything different
Susan 13th Jan 2018 Director of Activities
I have "Celebrating January Birthday" parties. I invite whomever wants to come. We sing, have cake, announce Birthdays, do some January trivia and socialize. I do hang a banner. I hold it usually the 1st day of the month.
Talita 21st Jan 2018
This week's article is all about how to celebrate birthdays - hopefully you find some good ideas here:
Lisa 21st Jun 2018 Activity Director
I "interview" the residents who are having a birthday that month. I ask questions like where were you raised? Do you have siblings? Where did you go to school? How did you meet your spouse? Children & grandchildren? Did you work outside the home & where? Their interests and hobbies. Then I write a paragraph about each person and read it at the birthday party after they've had their cake. People who don't even participate in activities much will come to the birthday party because it makes them feel special! It is also having one on one time with them and reminiscing, which they love to do.
Robert 8th Jul 2018 Activity Director
On the resident's birthday, I bring balloons, and a gourmet cupcake....during lunch, I get all available staff to clap and sing happy birthday as we go through the dining room to the resident's table. Usually everyone will start singing when we enter.
Talita 15th Jul 2018
Love your ideas Lisa and Robert!
Sandra 2nd Aug 2018 Activities Director
I always do a birthday party each month and the day of there birthday I give cards and balloons and sing to them . Then after words we do birthday trivia . I am a 80 bed faculty and they all seem to enjoy it. Those that don't come I take to there rooms ..
Fran 8th Aug 2018 Psychologist
We started a birthday luncheon event. It is for the person who is celebrating the birthday and one guest. We have a special luncheon with a lunch not on the menu, with a decadent chocolate dessert. We give a special treat bag for the birthday person and a treat for the guest. We decorate and have a special door prize for a resident. I read heart-felt birthday messages to each about how important they are to me. They love the special attention! We also sing to them at every chance!!
Lynn 9th Mar 2023 Activity Director
We have a monthly birthday party for all residents and serve cake and beverages. On this day we have an entertainer.

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