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Melinda 9th Feb 2018 Co-ordinator
hi everyone
im after some good ideas for guest speakers for my social support group any ideas that would interest them?
im hoping to organise some morning teas with guest speakers
any ideas would be great
Taryn 13th Feb 2018 Activities coordinator
Hi Melinda,
I work in a community based organisation. I hold 'Health Forums' every now and then and have a few guest speakers come in on the day. Our speakers are all health related - eg Diabetes, continence, falls prevention, nutrition etc Hope this helps!
Diane 14th Feb 2018 Activity Coordinator
Another good idea would be your local police to talk about the latest phone scam that's going around.
Melinda 14th Feb 2018 Co-ordinator
Thanks Taryn,
this will give me a great place to start!
Nori 16th Feb 2018
These are all great ideas!
Our local hospital, hospice, and mental health facilities offer "outreach" speakers who will come and visit with us about a variety of topics: advanced directives and care planning, Alzheimer's disease prevention, vitamins, alternative health therapies (acupuncture, etc.), chair exercises, depression, etc.
Some of our tenants also have children/grandchildren who work in health care and are happy to share some of their expertise with us when I ask.
Kim 20th Feb 2018 Registered Nurse
You can try school teachers or principles, city councillors, firemen, police and paramedics. Animal rescue and wild life people also make good speakers.
Melinda 20th Feb 2018 Co-ordinator
Thankyou Nori & Kim
These are fantastic ideas and lot of them I hadn't thought of.
I am already on my way & have organised our local Dietician to do a talk very soon. I will be using all these great ideas.
Morgan 21st Feb 2018 Activity Director
Local authors are often willing to come in and read some of their works! Also maybe a local sports team?

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