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Karin 7th Mar 2018 Recreation Therapy
CRAFTS! Looking for some ideas for great crafts! I feel like I have done so many crafts that my brain is fried and nothing on pinterest stands out anymore. What crafts have you done that your residents loved?! Even better if you have a picture! My residents are in supportive living, so they are pretty capable of anything! Thanks in advance!
Solange 7th Mar 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Karin, there are some great crafts with step by step instructions on Golden Carers. You could try Scavenger Collage, Abayomi Rag Dolls, Sand Bottles, Egg Carton Spring Flowers, Mixed Media Collage. These are good to keep or to give away as gifts. Best wishes.
Ema 9th Mar 2018 Activities Coordinator
Hi I work in a advanced dementia and end of life so majority if the residents are bed bound or limited to not walking. So I recently have made a stained glass effect with plastic a4 sheet and tissue paper. I also created a tuck chop on a basic trolley with a veg rack and introduced a till.
Lori 14th Mar 2018 Activity
Could you explain how you made the stained glass project thank you
Ema 16th Mar 2018 Activities Coordinator
what you need for this project is tissue paper. I used a laminator as well. Heat the alminator up and use A4 laminating sheets. tear or cut the tissue paper into strips or shapes and place in beteen the laminating leaves before you put through the machine. it comes out the other side and you have a waterproof sheet. with colour. you can put flowers in the sheets sequens ANYTHING.
Liubou 17th Mar 2018 Care Officer
Is there any chance to see final product?
Sounds as very interesting activity.
Ema 18th Mar 2018 Activities Coordinator
Here I took the laminated sheet and reinforced it with kebab sticks and we are going to hang them in a skylight to reduce sun rays in the room. Easy to do and this can be developed in so many ways.

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