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Teresa 12th Mar 2018 Activity Director
Looking for orientation ideas. I have 15 min. To tell our new staff members from all departments everything I need them to know about my activities dept. i really want to do this in the form of a fun interactive game. Any suggestions. I have a few like putting numbers on Jenga pieces and correlate the number to a question to answer about activities. Or do a memory type game where the cards are turned over and you have to match the question with the answer. Also thinking about darts or dart gun hitting a number on the board and having that question to answer.

Anyone have something fun they use.
Solange 13th Mar 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Teresa, spend a minute or two telling your staff about the importance of ‘Brain Games’ to keep residents alert and maintain memory skills. Word Games, Spot the Differences, Fun Riddles, Brainstorming Word Games, and others. Best of luck!
Lydia 28th Mar 2018 Program Director
I had to do an in-service on my department which took longer than 15 minutes. Do you do a daily stand up? Maybe you can describe a little daily?

Still want to share what I did for in-service.....I made a ACTIVITIES BINGO game, each square had an activity on it: seated exercise, eating in the dining room instead of room, putting mail away when it arrives... etc.

When I called out a "square" I asked to give 3 reasons WHY/HOW it was important and not just another thing to put on the calendar. Some other staff over the years have said... "Your job isn't hard, you just hang out all day." Everything I put on my calendar has purpose for the resident. If my co-worker gave 3 reasons I gave them a candy bar or snack bag of chips, or soda.

If they couldn't give me a reason why/how it was important I told them why I thought it was important...
1.) Seated exercise: movement, socialization, accomplishment when the resident can remember the routine, or lead routine, memories associated with music, laughter, meeting new people
2. Eating in dining room instead of getting a room tray: movement (for some this is the only exercise they get!), socialization (table mates, speaking to servers, dietary staff, seeing other residents), the smells of the kitchen can spark memories, nutrition (my residents always eat more when they are with others)
3. Putting the mail away when it arrives: I used to work at a facility where the mail was just left at the front desk instead of being put straight away into individual mailboxes. Why is it important to put straight away? Some residents knew when it typically came, they made coming down to the mailboxes a part of their daily routine. It was something they looked forward to, even if the box was empty. In today's society we check our "mailboxes" ie: Facebook every hour. Socialization around the mailbox, bragging about grandkids etc...showing postcards or photos.
Kim 10th Apr 2018 Registered Nurse
In the past we have had many staffers say, Oh you just do cups of tea and concerts, wish I had your job. Then some have had the opportunity to actually do the job and their opinions change very quickly. Remember to mention the care and love you give these people, the shoulder to cry on , the ear to listen. you are not just there to do a job you are part of their lives, a friend, family a familiar face.

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