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ROS 23rd Mar 2018
Hello everyone - does anybody have or know a useful site with downloadable step-by-step dressing, toileting, personal care visual prompt guides, like cue cards but more specific, for people living with dementia? Photos or diagrams with action words as well would be brilliant. THANKS in advance :) Ros
Talita 24th Mar 2018
Hi Ros, we have some here:

In the comments section, there is a link to others too. Hope this helps!
Rosa 2nd Apr 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hello Ros, hope you found prompts already for your clients, where I work the occupational/ physiotherapist provide the signs.. in a set of small cards,(like key ring kind of thing) or A4 size signs to place them on a wall or where resident will see it..
Linda 10th Apr 2018 Recreation Therapist
Hello Ros
Golden Carers have the most wonderful range of cue cards

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