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Amanda 6th Apr 2018 Life Enrichment Director
Good Morning (from Ohio) I am looking for anything that I can use to educate on resident rights. Hoping for some glorified simple version that is easy for residents to understand. Any insight would be wonderful and greatly appreciated.
Solange 6th Apr 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Amanda, here is a list of the most critical rights residents should know.

Clients Rights - Residential Care

Each client has the right to:

To have full use of his/her personal, civil, legal and consumer rights
To be treated with dignity and respect
To live without exploitation, abuse, or neglect
To have a quality of care appropriate to his/her needs
To have personal privacy
To be treated and accepted as an individual, and to have his/her individual preferences taken into account and consideration
To live safe and secure in a ‘home-like’ environment
To freedom of speech
To live without discrimination or victimisation
To continue his/her cultural and religious practices and language of choice without criticism, restriction or sarcasm
To have access to the wider community services
To be consulted and to make decisions on personal issues
To have access to leisure activities, friendships, and associations of his/her choice, both within and outside the facility
To have access to information about his/her care, and any other personal information
To have the right to complain, to take action to resolve disputes without the fear of retaliation
Clients Responsibilities - Residential Care

Each client has the following responsibilities:

To respect the needs of other people within the facility
To respect the rights of staff
To care for his/her own health and wellbeing as far as possible
Siouxsie 6th Apr 2018 Engagement Facilitator
hi in England i have educated our Residents on Dignity and their rights i have taken bits from the dignity in care website and department of health papers. there are online audit tools you can make use of. we also have a dignity in care awareness day yearly to really remind everyone of what their rights are.
Lydia 11th Apr 2018 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Greeting from Ohio,
We discuss a Resident's Right at the end of each Resident Council meeting.
That is a great way to residents become in volved and talk about how thright pertain to them.
Hope this helps.
Teresa 17th Apr 2018
We review resident's rights once a month at a morning coffee gathering. We do it the same day we hold resident council, but rights are in the morning and council is in the afternoon because res. council can run long sometimes.

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