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Amber 16th May 2018 Activity Director
I am interested in setting up an additional bible study group with our residents. I need some ideas on how to program the bible study and what suggestions on what to focus on. Thank you all for your help.
Solange 21st May 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Amber, although I never led a Bible group I have in the past organized church volunteers to come to the facility for that reason. They were wonderful people who taught, entertained, and made many a sad person happy. I remember one particular group where they started the session with "Finish the Sentence", as an ice-breaker: "I am blessed because..." . It was a very effective start and everybody participated. They also had a nice game where someone whisppered a bible verse in the ear of his nexdoor neighbour and he in turn passed the story to another one and so on with 10 or 12 people. The fun is that by the time the story reached the 12th peros the verse is completely different from the original verse and everybody had a good laugh. Another game very popular was "Who Am I?", two groups of 2 or 3 people would choose a Bible person and write short biography to be read aloud to another group. The group would guess the Bible persongen and then do the same with the other group. I hope this can help you. All the best.
Renee 22nd May 2018
Eldersong sells a book called "52 Weeks Studying the Word". We have it and it works great for our Bible Study. Worth the investment.
Wendy 17th Mar 2019 Diversional Therapist
Yes Renee we use them to I have a resident who runs this activity
Susan 18th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Hi Wendy,
You are lucky to have a resident who runs the activity
Who escorts the other residents to the activity?
Does she run the entire activity or just part of it?
How many residents usually engage in this activity?
Thank you very much for this information
gladyz 8th Jun 2020 Recreational Activities
Hi Wendy where I can get this book in NSW.
Susan 9th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Gladys I don’t know if elder song ships to NSW
This comment may help
You also may be able to order this book from S&S worldwide
Contact them to find out
Susan 10th Jun 2020 Activity Director
I contacted the eldersong and they will ship to NSW

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