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Kim 26th May 2018 Diversional Therapist
Good afternoon Carers, I’m after some tips for activities for physical persons with aggressive behaviour! Any ideas or tips really welcome! Ex Surf life saver. Very active!
Cheers Kim
Talita 29th May 2018
Deborah 29th May 2018 Therapy Assistant
We have a large wooden, varnished box-maybe 21/2 feet by a foot wide and maybe 14 inches high.It is secured to an over-bed table (on wheels). It has several different types of locks on it,a light switch (no light) to turn off and on,a bolt that slides in and out of a lock and other "fiddly" things secured on it.We just wheel it up to whomever needs the attention and encourage them to explore the box. We also use a much smaller one that fits on a table top and it had little doors that can open, again with different types of locks etc. This is something an agitated person could use with hands off supervision.Shooting hoops also uses up some of the extra energy;I have a kid's basketball hoop on the unit and the residents can shoot hoops with a light ball - incase it hits where it shouldn't.It is portable so I bring it to them-less disturbance for the individual.
Karen 30th May 2018 Lead Activity Co-ordinator
You could try starting off with very gentle exercises to very gentle slow music. I was told by my team leader that if I leave fast loud music on after the exercises it contributes to their aggression. And trying smiling a lot and talking in a low voice and it might not match their aggression rather it might deter it, perhaps calm things down. I hope this helps.
Kaye 1st Jun 2018 Activities Assistant
Hi Kim,
Would it be possible to take the resident in question to the beach on an outing?
Some local bay side councils will hire out specially adapted wheel chairs which can travel on sand.
Or perhaps a long walk or wheel chair ride along a long pier.
Could you download a movie about the sea? eg. Moby Dick
Make a collage about sea creatures and other sea related items.
Create a Mermaid!
Good luck!
Kim 3rd Jun 2018 Diversional Therapist
Good evening all,

Some great ideas thank you very much. Some ideas we are currently using but continue to have challenges with behaviour. Some days better than others. Looking into setting up an mens shed we do have tool box and instruments box.
Cheers all!
Colleen 9th Jun 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi, if travelling to the ocean is not an option for you.....why not bring the ocean to him! Go to the beach - collect some sea water in a container, collect up some sand, collect up some shells,stones, small pieces of driftwood off the beach. These are all sensory for him. At the time of bringing these to him, have some 'ocean' waves sounds playing-either on ipod or cd player as a background theme prop. Pin up 'tropical' beach pictures (from the internet). If you have enough sand - place into a wide flat dish & 'draw pictures or his the sand with small piece of driftwood stick-or even his finger. What about making up a collage picture of a 'life saver-life buoy ring' for his wall..with his name in the centre 'Life Saver Hero.....' Or even his own goldfish in a big plastic bowl for his own room-there is always something so restful and relaxing about watching fish swim. All of the above fill all the sensory requirements.

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