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Kay 5th Jun 2018 Activities
Hi, I am brand new to this role and so grateful for Golden Carers and to the community here for all that you do for newbies like me! I was wondering if anyone's got ideas for a FIFA World Cup 2018 themed party/event? It launches 14th June in Russia.

Also any thoughts please on footie related activities over the month it runs would be appreciated. I feel it would be nice to offer something more than just watching the matches. Many of our residents have dementia.

I'm in the UK and there's a real passion for football (soccer) here. I think the men in our facility would enjoy that, and probably some of the ladies too! Thanks for the help.

Solange 8th Jun 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Kay, the World Cup in Russia, definitely needs to be celebrated. We hope to come up with some good activities soon. Thank you for reminding us.
Talita 11th Jun 2018
Thanks for the suggestion Kay, we have some World Cup activities this week:
Kay E 12th Jun 2018 Activities
Hi Solange, thanks very much ! I've edited my name slightly btw as I noticed there's another Kay here so as to distinguish us from one another.
Kay E 12th Jun 2018 Activities
Hi Talita, they are perfect, much appreciated! I'll be testing them out on my hubby. :)

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