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Joanna 7th Jun 2018 Community Engagement Support Worker
Hi there, I have a dilemma & it's one that I'm NOT going to let beat me!!
I completely 'get' that data needs protecting but I'm really struggling with the stuff surrounding the taking of photographs. I use photos all the time. I have signed consent forms from the residents to say they are happy for their pictures to be used for very specific purposes such as social media, marketing etc. However, I need to understand what I have to do about people who come into the setting and take shots of, for example, the children who come in weekly to do an intergenerational keep fit session. Their carers have signed to give permission for the children to have their photos taken, as do the residents. However, I'm thinking that we need another form from the residents and children's parents stating that they are happy for their photos to be used, for example, in our monthly newsletter or that of the childcare I making this too complicated? Can anyone help me with this please?
Joanna 7th Jun 2018 Community Engagement Support Worker
I've just posted an activity on here and low and behold, I'm invited to browse my files and possibly post a photograph...
Solange 8th Jun 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Joanna, in my experience the only consent needed is for displaying the photos on social media. In-house photos sharing does not need consent. Regarding the children, you have already the consent of the carers. Why would you need the consent of the parents as well? After all, it is not to share with the media, which is what parents are usually against. I would say it is unlikely you need another consent form if the photos are to be shown in the monthly Newsletter only.
Sharon 12th Jun 2018 Lifestyle co-ordinator
Hi Joanna, we have a consent form for the newsletter and social media. There are residents that do not want their photos published in either format. Children we err on the side of safety. Newsletter only with no facial recognition (photo taken preferably from the back of the group) . Check with the FM as there could possibly be policies and procedures regarding consent and photographs.
Nicola 16th Jun 2018
Not sure where you are Joanna but if you are based in the UK it might be worth a call to the Data Commissioners office as they will be able to advise and so much has changed with the new GDPR rules so its better to be careful.
Lowana 18th Jun 2018 Leisure & Lifestyle Manager
We only need the residents permission for outside display ie Social media, newspapers ect. And as for the children, the daycare is responsible for getting appropriate approval off parents.
Joanna 19th Jun 2018 Community Engagement Support Worker
Thank you all. When I get a definitive answer I will pass it on x

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