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Michelle 20th Jun 2018 Activity Coordinator
Hi everyone I thought I should introduce myself. My name is Michelle I have been an activity coordinator for 7 weeks now , I am from Scotland and work in a care home with 45 residents with mixed needs . Looking forward to learning lots of new activities and more of an insight into my role .
Solange 21st Jun 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Michelle, welcome to the profession! We hope you have a long an rewarding career.
Talita 25th Jun 2018
Welcome Michelle!
Karen 28th Jun 2018 Lead Activity Co-ordinator
Welcome Michelle. I've been in the job myself for 4 months now, I love it personally , welcome to a very rewarding career.
Avril 4th Jul 2018 Activity Coordinatior
Hi Michelle and all,
I have been working in a nursing home for mental health patients for 2 years now and have seen such a turn around in the residents attitudes, abilities and independence it has made my career change so worth it. Previously I worked in childcare for 26 years but this has been a real help in my activity planning as many resident's are unable to cope with higher levels of activity but thoroughly enjoy a children's rhyming story or a game of skittles. this site has been so helpful, I love my job!!
Diane 6th Aug 2018 Activity Coordinator
Hi Everyone I have worked as a activity coordinator for 11 months now but lately I have been feeling quite disheartened as the management has changed where I work and I feel that every activity I do is being scrutinised and there are a number of residents who don’t want to take part
Morag 7th Aug 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Michelle, I have been a DT and Lifestyle coordinator for over 20 years here in Australia. I started in aged care in Scotland when I was only 16 before Activity officers were thought of. I have seen many changes in aged care over the past 40 years and think we are a very worthwhile and important part of aged care. I have a team of eight activity officers who all love what they do,they find Golden Carers a very useful sight. I also use the information we get on here for toolbox talks. Good luck in you new career.
Solange 8th Aug 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Diane, don't feel disheartened, there are ups and downs in all professions. Just change your activity program. It would help if you were to ask residents what they prefer. Give them alternative activities to pick; riddles, table games, quizzes, cooking, ball games, craft, and others. Hang in there, you are just going through a low phase; you will be fine!
Diane 15th Aug 2018 Activity Coordinator
Thanks for reply and being so positive and words of encouragement

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