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Michelle 24th Jul 2018 Activity Coordinator
Just wondering how many residents everyone has and how many have full capacity ? I have 6 residents from 45 that have full capacity I feel all my group activities are always the same 6 . I do spend a lot of time with one to one's as well but feel a lot of the other workers think I favour these residents over the other when obviously that is not the case .
Joanne 24th Jul 2018 Nurse
Hi michelle.

It is really hard. Im my facility we have 45. My attendance for activities ranges from 8 to 32! It really depends on what im doing, if the activity is in the morning or the afternoon and how the residents are feeling. My most successful recently has been bingo of a morning and i held an old time record morning. Generally craft is attended by the same people. I have started inviting people in a different way. I ask them if they would like to come and have a look at we are doing and just have a chat. This seems to be working!
Good luck!
Molly 25th Jul 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Michelle, do you have a range of activities on the calendar? Our facility started making 2:00 pm activities specifically for "lower functioning" residents and we would hold group relaxation or Montessori activities. I found staff was more inclined to get these residents out of bed or out of their rooms if they knew these activities were explicitly for these residents.
Michelle 25th Jul 2018 Activity Coordinator
Thank you for your replies , I think sometimes I am to hard on myself as well but I really want to make my job work . I do think I need to learn about the different stages of dementia and specific activities for these residents x

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