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Juanita 3rd Aug 2018 Activity Director
Good Morning Everyone,

Hope you are all having a good day. I am struggling with volunteers. I do get a lot of calls and people that come but once we go over the requirements needed to volunteer it's too much for them. Our facility requires a background checks, TB testing, and Orientation with our DSD plus AD. I am in California and is wondering if any of you have the same concern.

Solange 4th Aug 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Juanita, I am sorry you are having trouble with volunteers. They are such an asset to an organization. My experience is that the Police check is a must, and of course, the orientation is very useful to the prospective recruit, but TB clearance and other background checks I am not aware of. Our orientation was very simple; we took the volunteer through the facility pointing out where dining, kitchen, bathrooms were and then having them to assist you with an activity. You could observe and make a decision if the person was more suited to help with a game of cards or craft or just one on one sessions. I also was very successful in persuading residents relatives to volunteer once a week or fortnight. Good luck!
Molly 4th Aug 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Juanita, we found this too in our facility and it was difficult to get around. We ended up doing an outreach campaign and made sure we gave all of the requirements up front. We found that when we targeted outreach to schools and family caregivers we had a lot of success. Also found this great resource on how to start a volunteer program here on Golden Carers
Cynthia 23rd Aug 2018 Activity Director
Hi Juanita,
Our volunteers also go through a background check. They have to go through orientation and training. When they come to our building once they are buzzed in they electronically sign in on our kiosk in the front and have to sign out. They are assigned a number once approved. The volunteers once their application is approved are assigned a ID #.and a badge with their picture on it they wear.All their information is kept in a data base which goes to our HR dept.

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