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Nicki 23rd Aug 2018 Life Enrichment Director
I enjoy using the calendars they have here. So easy to edit. However I would like to be able to save the calendar and add FUN edits, such as clip art etc. Has anyone figured that out yet?
I thought if I saved a basic pdf of the calendar, I would be able to add/edit clipart and such, but no luck. :-/
Thanks in advance if someone is techy and can help me out. :))
Maurice 23rd Aug 2018
Hey Nicki!

Have you seen the new 2019 Calendars here?

There's a 2-minute video showing exactly how to use them. You can add full backgrounds and little images. If you have any feedback I'd love to hear it!
Susan 24th Aug 2018 Activity Director
Hi Nicki
The new Calendar template is great I have been fooling around with it and have made some interesting discoveries that I think will be helpful to you

First of all let me direct you to the sample activity calendars

Several of mine are there which I created myself but had I had this free tool would've been much easier

Back to the new template
you can download the Calendar but what I did is I downloaded 2 because you are able to cut and paste things from each. One calendar had eight lines for activities the other one is blank fill in one section on the eight line calendar then copy and paste to the blank calendar
You can Adjust the size of each section if you have to

By the way I'm using an old Version of Microsoft Word is Microsoft word from 2003 but it still works

Then click in the section next to the text name you will see you have different options and see which one you want you can always change it later
You can pick your font from ones you have on your version of Microsoft word
I like humanst521cn bt it is small and narrow so you can fit a lot of text
you can download that if you do not have it or ask your IT person for help
You can add word art
You can add pictures from your file and in order to get them you need to download them then you can add them to your calendar by going to insert and nsert them where you want
You should use the option put in front of the text then you'll be able to readjust the size of the picture easily
After you create one calendar, you can cut and paste things to your next calendar so this saves you some time
I know this is a lot to take in but the best way to do things is to just play around with it until you get what you want
Let me know if I can be of some more help

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