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Brianna 25th Sep 2018
Hi, My name is Bri . I create lifelike dolls. These dolls are also known as therapy dolls. I would love to bring some of my dolls into a nursing home to show the elderly but I have no idea who to contact. I have read a little bit about Doll therapy and have heard it can be very beneficial and would love to help out. I’m located in Brookfield (Qld). If you know of any organisations that may be interested could you please let me know? Kind regards Bri
Talita 30th Sep 2018
Hi Bri, beautiful doll! You could start by visiting some local aged care homes? I imagine many memory care facilities would be interested depending on cost.
simonne 23rd Jan 2020 Support worker
wow so beautiful.. are you selling them?
Susan 24th Jan 2020 Activity Director
I am sure some members would be interested now that you posted this
They look very lifelike
Alison 1st Feb 2020 Activitycoordinator
Thay are amazing our residents would love to see them. We have nursery time.where residents look aft them while mummy goes to work
Narda 11th Feb 2020 Lifestyle Supervisor
Hi I am looking for a doll for our dementia unit.. more for one lady in particular. Are you able to send me some information please.
[email protected]

thank you


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