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Belinda 4th Oct 2018 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi, looking for a new fundraising activity for our Happy Hour Fridays. We usually do lucky lotto but need a change, any ideas?
Solange 4th Oct 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Belinda,

You could try themed fundraising. For instance, Halloween is celebrated soon and you could buy a pumpkin for them to guess how many seeds there will be when cut open. The pumpkin would be placed in a prominent position where Happy Hour takes place. Nearby, have a sheet of cardboard and a pen for people to write their guesses. You would charge whatever you think they can afford for each guess.

Residents could have as many guesses as they wanted as long as the token fee is paid. The prize for the guess is up to you and the winner should be the closest to the real amount of seeds found. Before Halloween, you cut the pumpkin and separate the seeds into four or five parts. Give one part to each resident capable of the task, and add it all up when done.

You could extend the fundraising to visitors and residents’ relatives by transferring the pumpkin to the Reception area after the Happy Hour so they can also enter the guessing competition. Also, check these links for future use.

Fundraising Ideas For Nursing Homes:

Optimal Activities - Marketing, Fundraising & Sourcing Free Resources:
Jacqulyn 9th Oct 2018 Activity Program Coordinator
"Dollar Tree Auction" We provide the fake money and hand- made paddles for them to bid. We have some items donated within the month and some items (snacks, perfume, bar soap, etc.) we purchase at the Dollar Tree Store. We've had Residents buy a can of chips for $25 and a package of socks sold for $150! Some of the staff get involved by assisting residents, bidding for them! They look forward to it each month! Try it and see how it goes!
Morgan 17th Oct 2018 Activity Director
Maybe a 50/50 raffle?
Belinda 17th Oct 2018 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator
Whats a 50/50 raffle?
Molly 21st Oct 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
These are all such great ideas! I can't wait to use them! Thanks, Belinda for your question!
Morgan 22nd Oct 2018 Activity Director
Belinda- a 50/50 raffle is when you buy a raffle ticket for a certain amount of money, and then at the end of the evening draw the winning ticket. The winning ticket gets half of the money that was collected and the organization gets the other half to do with what they please.
Tracey 23rd Oct 2018 Activity Coordinator
A tombola , £1 for 5 tickets

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